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We are a community of women who serve and minister within the Churches of Christ. We serve in the church, universities, and non-profits. We serve and lead in a variety of roles and places. We are diverse in our theology and practice but are united as women in ministry. We seek to be a place of welcome, connection, support, and teaching.

Our Mission:

  • To encourage each other through conferences, gatherings, and online communities
  • To provide support as sojourners on this common road
  • To connect women who are geographically isolated from other women in ministry
  • To walk alongside each other on our spiritual journeys
  • To provide and share resources relevant to our community

Our Website:

Our website and blog are run by volunteers. This platform serves as an introduction to our community and resources. On occasion, the site will host guest writers who write on a variety of topics.

The views,opinions, and positions expressed by individual authors and commenters are theirs alone.  They do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Women in Ministry Network, our board of directors, or of our churches/employers.

Comment Policy:

Our site seeks to provide a place for sharing community, and feedback. As such, this discussion should be both thoughtful and respectful.

In an effort to maintain this environment, comments are moderated and approved by site administrators. Each commenter must include their name (not a screen name/username), email address, and they have the option to leave a link to their website. Email addresses will not be added to any subscription list nor will they be visible on this site unless you select to share it.

In an effort to maintain a gracious and thoughtful community, please only post comments that directly relate to the post and discussion. While there is room for disagreement and discussion, there is not space on this site for personal attacks or ad hominem arguments. We maintain the right to remove/deny any comments and/or to close comments on any post or article.

Thank you for visiting.

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